Conventional wisdom holds that “writing is like a muscle”, “you can get good at anything, you just need to practice”. Conventional wisdom is probably correct on this. My job title may be Consultant, but I am primarily a software engineer. Mostly I write code, and when I do write English it’s generally a technical document. None of this gives me a lot of practice at writing the kind of fluid prose that is actually needed sometimes. Even this paragraph has taken a couple of attempts and some pausing.

Conveniently there are some things that I want to say. Responses to threads of discussion on the Internet ( The struggle between software engineering purity and actually building something useful. This cool picture of a giant duck (

To use another cliche: “Opinions are like arseholes: everyone’s got one”. Except that I don’t have one, I’ve got hundreds (opinions obviously, not arseholes), and they’re just waiting to be shared. I would actually quite like to keep some of my friends, so rather than haranguing them continually, you all get to benefit.